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Welcome to the Sacred Art of Diane Dandeneau. Please feel free to view my artwork by using the "Viewing Rooms" link located above.

Biography - Diane Dandeneau

I have always been a painter. Many years ago I explored the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, NM and found a subject that called to my soul. I started painting the doorways, windows and walls of these magnificent ruins and found places that drew me back again and again. I began exploring sacred sites in the Southwest-Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Pecos National Monument, and Bandelier National Monument, then some of the ruins in Mexico and Africa. The mystery of these ancient ruins has continued to entice and elude me. Through my personal search for the sacred I have always been drawn to Peru and Machu Picchu. So, with backpack and camera I hiked the Inca Trail just like the Andean people before me in preparation for entry into the sacred site. My most recent series "IN SEARCH OF THE SACRED - MACHU PICCHU, PERU" illustrates my time in that special place...